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Office moves require a different level of knowledge and expertise to get them accomplished correctly. Most commercial building supervisors and management companies place strict rules on when and how a move must be done. The most common restriction is that it must be done after hours, or on weekends to prevent disruption to the other businesses located in the building. The level of protection required for floors, elevator doors, stairs, etc. is usually specified in an agreement the business and movers must acknowledge. Most of the time the building management will want to see proof of insurance, and sometimes they will require that they have an insurance policy with the building management company's name on it. All of these stipulations required to complete the move are second nature to us, we've been through it many times.

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At Rich Nelson Moving Services, we can handle almost any size of office move. Whether it's a few desks going to a new location, or an entire floor of a building, our crew can do it quickly to get your office back to full performance as quickly as possible. Our movers have experience in assembly and setup of office cubicles, computer workstations and following floor plan layouts.

There are times when the office is going through rennovations, such as new carpet or painting, where the office equipment needs to be pulled out, stored for a few days and then put back into place. In situations like these, we can coordinate a container for storage, and do all of the required work to get the office reasdy for renovations. Once the remodeling is completed, we can put everything back into place and get the office operational again.

Rich Nelson Moving Services can evaluate your office moving needs and come up with a plan that fits your company's situation and budget.

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