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When you're planning an interstate move to any destinations in the United States, Rich Nelson Moving Services can make it happen quickly and within your budget. While we are not licensed for interstate moving, our network of connections in the moving industry will insure we get you a better price on your move than if you book it yourself.

Fill out our Interstate Quote Request Form to get a free quote and advice on preparing for your move.

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We can help determine the best way to accomplish your move tailored to your individual situation and budget.

When you want an easy move with a minimum of logistical planning having us contract a van lines to move it for you is the way to go. The costs of moving with a van lines will be slightly higher, but there is a minimum of companies that you will need to deal with.

Going with a self service loading, where we load the moving truck and a contract company drives it and delivers it on the other end. Once it arrives at the destination it's unloaded by you or a moving company we arrange for you. More logistics involved with three different companies, but the costs of your move will be reduced considerably. This is where we can help you with the logistics and scheduling for everything that needs to happen.

If you are moving a larger home and will most likely require storage on either end of the move, a self service storage and moving service can make things easier and save money too. If you don't require storge the a self service loading option above makes more sense, and will reduce your overall moving costs. We will help load all of your items into the storage container and then you can have it stored here or at your destination. Once your new home is ready for moving in, then you can have the storage container delivered, and either unload it yourself or we can help coordinate with a local moving company in your new area to do the unloading.

If you're adventerous, aren't moving too far away and don't have a lot of stuff to move, then renting a moving truck and driving yourself is an option. Make sure to look at all of the costs involved here, labor to load, truck rental costs, gas (8-10 MPG is a good average), extra time on the road, additional lodging expenses and the labor unloading costs. Driving a moving truck to Arizona isn't going to take much longer than driving a car there, driving to New York will take an extra day or two than in a car. Driving a truck on the open road can be stressful, there can be scales to deal with in some areas (not always for rental trucks, but some scales require you to stop) and in most states the speed limits are reduced for trucks. When you add up all of the expenses, it can save you some money, but not nearly as much as you might initially think.

Rich Nelson Moving Services can help evaluate your moving needs and come up with a plan that fits your individual situation and budget.

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